Feb 2018 Hose

At Hose in north Leicestershire the team were rewarded with significant archaeological remains including a hollow way, ditches, artificial mounds, cobbled surfaces and building remains. The artificial mounds were probably the remains of house platforms and their preservation varied across the area, but several were still extant earthworks visible in the field.

The evaluation was carried out at the northern edge of Hose, between the village core and a Scheduled Monument consisting of a medieval moated grange. The evaluation trenches targeted earthworks and revealed archaeological remains in at least 11 out of 12 trenches. One trench still contained building rubble and cobbled surfaces on top of the mound soils, although in general, disturbance to the features was high. Pottery recovered indicates that the construction of the house platforms was primarily between the early 12th to later 13th centuries, however activity on the site may have taken place from the 9th century onwards. Excavation of the trenches was tricky due to the variable depth of the archaeology and Siberian weather conditions. Many thanks to the team for their hard work!

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