May: Iron Age ditches at Isham, Northamptonshire

ULAS returned to The Sorrels, Isham, Northamptonshire to continue an excavation begun in the autumn of 2016. The 2018 work in the western area (which was previously beneath the spoil heaps on the edge of the site). To the south two ditches continue through from the earlier excavation to form a possible droveway turning at right angles as it heads west. To the north is a portion of an enclosure ditch which has similarities to the enclosure situated to the east, but unfortunately due to tree conservation we are not able to uncover more. Many more pits, also similar to those uncovered in previous excavation, are scattered around and the shallow remnants of linears are also visible. The area has been abundant in pottery and three mostly intact vessels were recovered from one of the pits. Dating so far has been mid to late Iron Age but detailed phasing of the area will take place following the post-excavation process.

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