July: Bradgate Park Fieldschool

The Bradgate Park Fieldschool is a major ULAS / School of Archaeology and Ancient History project that encompasses a series of targeted excavations, topographic and geophysical survey, environmental reconstruction and standing building surveys. The project provides an opportunity for fieldwork training for archaeology students from the University of Leicester and continues a longer-term programme aimed at enhancing community involvement in the understanding and presentation of important regional monuments for the benefit of the wider public. The project is co-directed by Jen Browning (ULAS), James Harvey (ULAS) and Dr Richard Thomas (SAAH) and project managed by Dr Richard Buckley (ULAS).

The fourth season of the Bradgate Park Fieldschool focused on a large building directly opposite the ruins of Bradgate House. It is reputed to either be the gatehouse or the stables erected prior to the visit of William III in 1696, an event which also prompted alterations to Bradgate House including the installation of the bay windows.

You can find out more information about the project here: https://www2.le.ac.uk/departments/archaeology/research/projects/bradgate-park

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