Lifting Begins on the fine Roman mosaic

The first piece of the fine Roman mosaic has been lifted at our large city-centre excavation at the site of the former Stibbe factory, between Great Central Street and Highcross Street in Leicester.

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The mosaic is one of the largest and highest-status Roman mosaic floors ever found in the city, it formed part of a large high-status townhouse (3D model and further pictures here).

The team will continue to carefully prepare and lift the remaining pieces over the next week. The mosaic will then go to the lab for conservation and prepared for being put on public display in due course.

Over the last month we’ve had over 5000 visitors at our numerous public events (open weekends, public lunchtime tours, and tours & finds activities for local school children) – thanks to Charles Street Buildings Group for providing the fantastic elevated platform – and allowing us to take time away from the excavation to show the public the discoveries.

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There’s been a huge amount of media interest, with the site and staff featuring numerous times on BBC and ITV news, Leicester Mercury, and BBC Radio Leicester. A link to the recent BBC News feature below:

Please note, the site is now closed to the public to enable the archaeologists to focus on concluding the work, much it still to be done as we move into the summer months to finish the excavation.

The land is owned by Charles Street Buildings group, which has made the site available and financially supported the archaeological excavation ahead of a major planned development of the site.