October: Iron Age enclosure at Seagrave

In the Autumn ULAS excavated Iron Age settlement activity at Seagrave, Leicestershire. Our excavations concentrated on two areas: the northern Area A targeted a large rectangular enclosure and is located on the former driving range (early finds included 300 golf balls!), while Area B is located on part of the main golf course and targets anomalies of 2 smaller enclosures and possible pits.

We began the excavation with Area A, which has revealed the large rectangular enclosure, in its entirety. Excavation shows that it was recut and remodelled over time, and incorporates two smaller circular enclosures, one of which may possibly have been converted from a roundhouse, then extended into a further enclosure to the south. Some smaller short linear features and lozenge shaped pits cut through these making some tricky relationships difficult to pick out from the very mixed stony clay natural. The stripping has actually revealed that the archaeological features extend well beyond the limits of the agreed excavation areas, particularly with 2 or 3 hitherto unseen pit alignments running across into both areas.

Area B contained two smaller sub-rectangular enclosures, one of which possibly post-dates the eastern pit alignment. The site is finds-rich, with lots of Iron Age pottery, animal bone and possibly some kiln lining all recovered so far.

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