Jan 2018 Somerby

In the village of Somerby (in north-east Leicestershire) we discovered an incredibly well-preserved sequence of medieval activity relating to the earlier history of the village occupation.The area has some very nice village earthworks, showing outlines of crofts, tofts and hollow ways, as well as ridge & furrow remains, that have somehow escaped previous recording, so are not currently featured on the Leicestershire HER. Much of the trenching concentrated on the village earthworks, however two trenches in an area containing ridge and furrow revealed evidence for earlier activity in the form of ditches and gullies. The medieval sequence of occupation comprises several phases of boundaries and occupation layers, with associated pits, post holes and other possible structural remains. At the top of the sequence, a complex of linear stone banks appears to outline the edges of the tofts and crofts, within which were stone spreads, layers and well-built walls. Pottery associated with the medieval remains includes Stamford Wares and Midland Purple, providing a good indication of the time-span of occupation, which could cover several hundred years.

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